Amazing Troy's ShoutCast Page

The server is back up once again. This time the whole OS was moved to an awesome virtual host. The days of the old pentium systems are now gone. I'm considering increasing the upstream bandwidth, but I'm not sure I have the listeners to support that decision.

The coolest thing just happened (5/1/03)! My stream has been chosen as one of the best on the planet by iM Networks!

To listen to my broadcast you should point your browser to and click on listen. Feeding that URL into Windows Media Player will also work. If you don't have WinAmp, you can click on the picture below to get it. In keeping with my kid-friendly nature, I have tried to make this broadcast appropriate for kids over 8 and the young at heart. I play a mix of classical, educational, and fun songs, both old and relatively modern. I don't update the playlist very often. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Hope you enjoy the songs!

You may email song requests to

If you'd like to know what's going to be played, all the songs in my playlist are available at I play them randomly.